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The COVID-19 pandemic has had a wide-ranging health and socioeconomic impact on all parts of society and
health-security will continue to be a predominant factor during the pandemic and beyond. With this in mind it is imperative to realise that cleaning as we knew it has changed completely. Now the emphasis will be on cleaning for health as the new normal and the professional cleaning sector will be at the forefront in combating disease and pandemics that spread with the speed and scale of COVID-19.

This changing landscape has therefore necessitated the need for a fresh approach in the way a cleaning industry association should meet and address current and future challenges as the health of this country depends on an industry body’s competencies.

Considering my experiences in the cleaning industry and the impact of the pandemic on the workplace created the need for an innovative, visionary, progressive and continuously evolving industry association to shape the future of the professional cleaning industry in South Africa.

In order to address the above adequately, the Cleaning Association of South Africa (CASA) was established and will be formally launched on 1 December 2021 as a non-profit organisation. CASA aims to be a unifying and regulatory body for employers in the cleaning industry, as well as chemical and equipment suppliers and in-house cleaning departments, in the public, private and parastal sectors.

  • CASA aims to be the official custodian of the South African Cleaning Industry, engaging with Government, Corporate South Africa and Labour Organisations.
  • CASA will collaborate with global cleaning associations, media publications and various other stakeholders to form official alliances and partnerships.
  • The focus of CASA also aims to bring standardisation to the business cleaning sector, by integrating into the circular economy, especially focusing on sustainability.
  • As a new association, we want to be recognised as more than just a cleaning association. CASA will be where cleaning is an opportunity.

Our guiding principles will be based on:

  • The Decent Work Policy
  • The National Development Plan 2030
  • CASA Clean Connect (CASA commits to assist South Africa to find meaningful solutions to the unemployment problem

 The time for the cleaning industry to shine brighter than before is imminent and I cherish this opportunity to work together with industry colleagues as we face the challenges ahead, to bring about change and to develop and prepare the industry for excellence in a new era.

An elected Chairman and his committee of subject experts of the different portfolios, will address the members’ topics of common interest. The portfolio Chairman will also form part of the National Executive Committee (NEC).


Mr. Clive Damonze President of CASA

Mr. Clive Damonze

President of CASA

CASA Constitution

The Chairpersons of the respective portfolios/chambers will constitute the National Executive Council (NEC)