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Social Responsibility

CASA has partnered with a technology and solutions company, Leelyn Management, who will offer cleaning companies an automated solution for all their entry level and skilled recruitment needs operating on a state of the art platform. This initiative will be called “Clean Job Connect” – www.leelyn.co.za

The Clean Job Connect platform focuses on creating a solution to South Africa’s unemployment challenges by focusing on accessibility through technological innovation.

Clean Job Connect has streamlined job seekers’ job application process by creating an easy to use online platform that can be accessed through a mobile phone or desktop.

South African research has shown that 82% of households have access to smartphones therefore giving majority of all unemployed residents access to the CASA Clean Job Connect platform.

Through technology, the Clean Job Connect platform allows unemployed job seekers to have access to the platform (via a data free methodology) for MTN and Vodacom users, allowing them access to all cleaning opportunities and available jobs. Apart from low cost and accessibility to the job seekers and the unemployed, the Clean Job Connect platform holds major benefits for all cleaning and associated businesses’ recruitment process and turnaround time, bringing some turnaround times down by 83% and saving resources in the process.

The Clean Job Connect platform streamlines a company’s process from start to finish. Posting a job is made simple through a sign up process and tracking applications are innovated through filtering, pre-screening processes and automatic interview scheduling. All powered through technology.

With the above technology and streamlined processes in place, businesses can now focus on driving sales/revenue and thus increase their scope to provide more job opportunities.

2023 Nelson Mandela Day

For this year’s Nelson Mandela Day, Cleaning Association of South Africa gave their 67 minutes to Langa Cheshire Home, a home for Adults with severe permanent disabilities in Langa.

It was very heart warming spending time at the home with the members and taking time out to give back.

This year we donated toilet paper, cleaning materials, and consumables as that are essential tools to keeping the home clean and hygienic for its members.