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CASA Member Benefits

The measure of success of CASA will depend upon member participation and their input into its administrative and operational affairs.

Membership affords you the opportunity of sharing experiences and knowledge with your fellow contractor and supplier members.

Labour Relations
CASA will offer free advice on:

  • Day to day labour situations.
  • Advice on contractual agreements with employees.
  • Disciplinary issues.
  • Operational requirements.
  • Trade Union advice.
  • Contractual Matters

By its very nature the contractual cleaning process is a risk business, however, it is inevitable that members can occasionally find themselves in a dispute situation with clients, even after all reasonable steps have been taken to resolve the matter. CASA will then offer to assist to resolve the matter.

CASA will not become involved in any company dispute against another member company, unless both parties have formally put their case forward and its grievances are fully outlined in writing to the association. Following this, the matter will be investigated and evaluated resulting in an independent and impartial decision being offered.

The Association provides a communication forum, both formal and informal, for establishing co-operation between competitive member companies on matters of common interest, including the expression of views on industry matters.

CASA will regularly send out to members, a newsletter containing informative information.

What are the benefits of CASA?

  • Promote consumer awareness of the benefits of outsourcing to CASA’s professional cleaning companies and suppliers’ members.
  • Regular member meetings, and networking sessions.
  • Access to an unemployment database and employment opportunities on CASA’s website, via the Clean Job Connect App.
  • Represent members at the industry Bargaining Council.
  • Represent members on the board of the industry provident fund.
  • Representation at government level.
  • Mediate disputes between CASA members and their clients or suppliers.
  • Members will have access to specific policy templates.
  • Access to Industry White Papers, Standards, and Benchmark Reports.
  • Cleaning training courses offered at reduced rates.
  • Complimentary cleaning training courses offered periodically.
  • Provide infection control resources, outbreak guidelines, and checklists.
  • Access to CASA’s global cleaning associations alliances.
  • Referrals to do business in Africa through our alliance partners.
  • Forming alliances with local and global cleaning industry trade journals, to which members will have free access to the electronic copies of these publications.
  • Referrals to do business in Africa through our alliance partners.
  • Keep members updated regularly on local and international developments.
  • Negotiate discounted rates at local and international trade shows, exhibitions, events, workshops and seminars.

The Guiding Principles

  • Annual compliance audits
  • Adherence to a code of practice
  • The Decent Work Policy
  • The National Development Plan 2030
  • Transformation
  • Women empowerment